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Health Oxy-Twist


15 minutes on this machine is like walking for an hour and a half.

Oxygenate the spine -The spine is the central pivot in human body and considered the most important part. Once injured, it resulted to many illness that we cannot  calculate how much time and money are wasted. This unit helps protect spine and nerve, support body’s weight and pass on exercising.

Eliminates Fatigue - Improve Sleeping Disorder

Eliminates Fat - The burning of matter is called OXIDIZE. This burning process needs oxygen. Using this unit, the entire muscles of the body will eventually achieve the exercising effect by eliminating fats.

Cardiovascular Disease - This unit does not give heart overload exercising or increase blood pressure. It allows the body massage to improve better blood circulation, to avoid heart vessels from hardening, thus, maintaining normal blood pressure.

Heighten Immune System - This unit invigorates the ability of virus resistance and intensifying immunization function.

Improves Blood Circulation - This unit will stimulate sympathetic nerves, it increases oxygen, improves blood circulation and metabolism. It gives strength and energy for a healthier body. This is why it is called the ideal health care device.

$7.00 + GST per 15 minutes
SPECIAL - FREE with an Ion Cleanse Treatment

Purchasing Health Oxy -Twist also available
Cost is $250.00 + GST

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